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RTA - Real Time Access

Allows requesting and obtaining access to a remote site , for users that are located at that site. 

The electronic site access authorisation permits are downloaded directly into the user's CyberKey, using Bluetooth. Similarly, all the site access events are automatically uploaded to SIRTA, our management and monitoring platform. 

The highlights of RTA's functionality include:

  • Unambiguous identification of the user behind every access request – users are identified unequivocally by their mobile phone number.

  • Ability to incorporate a work order functionality to helping track the  maintenance activity that required site access

  • GPS location checks to verify that the access request match the actual site being accessed, as well as geo-fencing checks to alert the user when they are leaving the site without following the company approved site-closing procedure.

  • In-app incident reporting, including the ability to upload photos

  • Being able to grant access in advance to some sites, in case of poor  mobile reception at the site.

RTI - Real Time Inventory

Only in Spain there are more than 100,000 Cyberlock locks installed in a myriad of different types of remote sites. With the passage of time, it's not uncommon that some of those locks are eventually relocated or changed without any kind of appropriate log of that event being taken. 

The RTI mobile app allows you to consult and verify the identity of every CyberLock lock installed at a given site, making inventory checks more efficient and less time consuming. RTI works in companion with SIRTA's platform inventory module, and as with the RTA app it provides geo-location, geo-fencing and photo upload reporting functionalities.