Key-centric access control system without battery or wires.

More than 380 types of electronic locks, mechanically compatible with standard industry sizes.

Vandal-proof design: slot-less locks. Wide variety of electronic keys: CyberKeys, Low Energy Bluetooth, WiFi, Infrared, etc...

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Cyberlock Vault Key Cabinets

CyberKey Vault key cabinets provide an intelligent way of controlling and dispensing CyberKey smart keys.

Available in different sizes and access methods (RFID card, PIN, etc...)

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Our patented FlashLock technology provides keyless access control from any smartphone, tablet or iPad. There's no app to download or Bluetooth to pair.

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CyberAudit Web is Cyberlock's management software platform. Its intuitive interface lets you manage keys and locks, set up  and modify personalized access schedules and generate powerful reports and audit trails.

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Sicurlock Integrated Real Time Access

The SIRTA platform, based on Cyberlock's technology, provides real time access control capabilities, along with powerful audit trail reports, making it ideal for remote site access management use cases.

SIRTA's modular and flexible design makes it easy to integrate with existing Health & Safety and Corporate ticketing systems, thus allowing you to create a comprehensive and customizable access control solution. 

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Mobile Apps

We have available a family of mobile apps that act as companions to the CyberAudit-Web and SIRTA software platforms. Each app solves a concrete business need:

RTA: Real Time Access Control management.

RTI: Inventory and remote site management.

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